UNIDO ITPO Germany – Nourivit Technologies – Rainbow Cameroon cooperation on market development of microbiological agriculture in Cameroon

Thanks to UNIDO ITPO Germany’s matchmaking efforts, Nourivit Technologies GmbH and Rainbow Cameroon Limited signed a joint venture agreement in the framework of market development of microbiological agriculture in Cameroon. It aims to establish the use of microbes and calcium instead of synthetic fertilizers in agriculture as the standard for the Region Eastern and Central Africa.

In terms of climate change adaptation, holistic solutions for sustainable and inclusive agricultural practices in form of resilience for food security and nutrient-rich soils are crucial. Especially in Africa, agriculture has a huge social as well as economic impact. More than 60 % of the population in sub-Saharan Africa are smallholder farmers, and about 23 % of sub-Saharan Africa’s GDP comes from agriculture.

However, many smallholder farmers in developing countries and economies in transition are having problems in getting the appropriate input for managing their farms sustainable. Organic products for animal and crop production are often absent in the local markets and have to be imported. More than 90% of the farm inputs in the local markets are chemical base. However, given the rise in health-related issues and health campaigns pointing at the advantages of organic farming, there is a growing demand for organic farm inputs. Therefore, if agricultural production is to be sustainable, it is of utmost importance to encourage and support farmers to promote ecosystem-friendly farming methods in form of sustainable and integrative agricultural practices.

The partnership between Nourivit Technologies and Rainbow Cameroon Limited, initiated and supported by UNIDO ITPO Germany is a perfect example for the promotion of more sustainable and inclusive agricultural practices in Africa. The joint venture agreement was signed in 2020, with the overall objective of strengthening sustainable and inclusive agricultural practices, as well as promoting and supporting land use and poultry production in Cameroon, thus contributing to the resilience for food security and sustainable food production.

The joint venture agreed to build up a production, sales and distribution network for the Nourivit biostimulants in Cameroon. Nourivit Technologies excels in the use of biostimulants instead of synthetic fertilisers in agriculture and focuses on the development and production of innovative and effective products for sustainable and inclusive agriculture. Hereby, the goals of Rainbow Cameroon, to function as a social enterprise, which contributes to increasing the standard of living for small holder farmers involved in animal and crop production in Cameroon fit perfectly to the objectives of Nourivit Technologies. Through easy-to-use technologies, farm inputs and technical capacity development, Rainbow Cameroon contributes to sustainable strategies supporting small holder farmers in ways that magnify their impact in accordance with the SDGs. The perfect synergy of the two companies and the support of UNIDO ITPO Germany therefore contribute a small but important part to Cameroon’s sustainable development.



After further consultations with UNIDO ITPO Germany, Nourivit decided to apply for funding from the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), which was approved in March 2021. Since then, despite constraints due to Covid19, intensive work has been done on advising interested agricultural clients and training additional local staff. Rainbow Cameroon was already able to make the first sales of Nourivit’s products. In regular video conferences joint training goals and sales strategies as well as the accounting of sales activities are discussed and determined. At the beginning of July 2021, Nourivit Technologies Managing Director Wolfgang Harreither visited Rainbow Cammeron Limited in Douala, Cameroon, in order to strengthen the business partnership and gain further insights on the development of the project and the production facilities on site.

In October 2021, Investment and Technology Promotion Expert Jessica Neumann visited the newly established production facility of Nourivit Technologies in Traiskirchen, Austria. UNIDO ITPO Germany is convinced that the initiated partnership can be seen as a model project for successful matchmaking activities by the UNIDO ITP Network, and moreover, for a holistic approach to sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural management through a multi-stakeholder partnership.