ITPO Germany and the off-grid sector – boosting industrial development in remote areas

Off-grid technologies strengthen sustainable industrial development and make industrial development more inclusive: They boost electrification and industrialization not only in the urban centers but also in rural and remote areas. This increases the living standards in rural areas, creates employment and reduces spatial inequalities in development and prevents unplanned urbanization. ITPO Germany supports this process by bringing technology providers, projects, and investors together. We connect local expertise and small innovative companies with our network, the authorities and other UN organizations.

In 2020, ITPO Germany partnered with Augsburg Fair and Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE) at the OFF-GRID Expo + Conference, a specialized event that brings together project developers, investors, and technology providers active in decentralized renewable energy projects. Originally scheduled to take place in Augsburg/Germany, OFF-GRID this year had to take place virtually. At the conference, ITPO Germany presented its services and UNIDO’s expertise in the energy field at a virtual booth and discussed the benefits of the off-grid sector for inclusive and sustainable development during the OFF-GRID’s panel discussion.

In order to promote the exchange between project owners, investors, and technology providers in Germany and ITPO Germany’s target countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, ITPO Germany organized a dedicated online B2B Matchmaking Event on the first day of the OFF-GRID Expo+Conference. 227 participants used the Matchmaking Event for online B2B exchange. To allow for networking and personal exchange, ITPO Germany also organized three informal networking session, using the innovate Run The World App. The networking sessions provided an informal way to connect with visitors, exhibitors, and the global off-grid community.

ITPO Germany has further partnered with Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE) to showcase how decentralized, renewable energy (DRE) technologies can play a key role in implementing sustainable practices to bring the food from farm to fork while addressing the challenges of growing food demand, preventing environmental degradation in agriculture and providing sustainable livelihoods for farmers. The study “DRE Innovations to Boost Agri-Sector Productivity & Address Global Food System Challenges” will highlight innovations and best practices from the DRE sector working in emerging markets that sustainably increase productivity in the agricultural sector and solve global challenges in food systems. The findings will be presented at the virtual ARE Technology & Innovation Forum on January 27.